I find it amazing that nowadays, more and more, there are reports of UFOs associated with the Space Shuttle missions.  Are “they” letting the information out?


– UFO spotted over Isle of Arran, Scotland.

– What do aeronautics companies shares have to do with UFOs?  I don’t know, but they’re both up there.

– Actor John Challis hunts for UFOs over Shropshire.

– Journalists, “get any pictures of little green men you might have out of your mind“.

– The Cassini probe is acting up.  Could it be…ALIENS?!

– After 2 and a half years, UFO sightings were finally confirmed by radar.

– Here is something we already know, but it’s always good to be reminded of: NASA astronauts confirm alien presence – by Jason Murphy.

– If you go to a planet that looks like Earth, but is much bigger, don’t stay there much longer.  It’s bad for you.

– UFO sightings from around the world here, but may have to skip the initial ad (I hate that).

– Staton Friedman talks about UFOs and Disclosure on this YouTube video.

– The whole world was not enough for Betty Meyler, late president of the UFO Society of Ireland.


Don’t forget to come back.  More links are added to the list during the day.


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